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コンソレーション後の by 固形


コンソレーション後の by 固形

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Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge - Days 09 & 10

As expected, I wasn’t able to keep up with “updating everyday”, but that’s okay. I also have answers that counter each other for these days so I’m posting them at the same time.

Your favorite tennis match or story arc

The whole nationals run was my favorite in general, even if some things I could have lived without (coughyakinikucough). But there are two matches that are my absolute favorites.

First of all Chitose vs. Tachibana. I feel like this was a really important match for Tachibana’s sake, but also for introducing Chitose who is a big part of Shitenhouji arc in general. With a match intense it was made clear that these two are strong. Not just “ex wings of Kyuushuu” style strong, but individually as well. It also shows that these two have a very unbreakable bond, even after separating and not seeing each other for so long.

The match was important for them to settle what had been done. Kippei took it on himself to feel the same pain and could that way feel a bit more at peace with himself and Chitose got his “revenge” of sorts by winning against him. He was also able to pass through of the doors of Muga he had been aiming for because of Kippei; to show Kippei that what he did didn’t completely make him useless tennis-wise, but instead gave him something new (ngl, I ship these two too like burning). All in all, a very interesting match.

The other one I really like was the next one to come, Shiraishi vs. Fuji. Like the first one, I feel like this was a very important match; especially for Fuji. This was Fuji’s first defeat and it definitely made Fuji stronger for the final matches. It made him open his eyes that he needed to play seriously or it would be all over. It was important for Shiraishi as well, as he was able to feel the fear of actually almost losing a match he had almost won - to have the tables completely turned on him. To see that while his tennis is perfect, it doesn’t mean it’s a sure ticket to win.

Of course, I think Shiraishi already knows these things, but it was a harsh reminder. He came out as a winner, but the expression afterwards had him thinking about “what if” scenarios on how the match could have ended. If he had lost, he wouldn’t have fulfilled his duty as a captain in his books. As the captain he feels like he bears the responsibility to win and lead the team to victory.

I also think Fuji in this match was strangely beautiful. To see him work so hard and play tennis like he had never played before. The way he though about his tennis and evolved his counters to match the challenges the match had given him. There were so many emotions we rarely see in Fuji, which just made me very attracted to him during the whole match.

I admit to being a Shiraishi x Fuji shipper, which is why this match was also very important in my books. It’s the start of something. Of what? Only time will tell. Maybe in New Prince of Tennis we’ll see how they feel about one another now.

Your favorite song from TeniMyu

As I said, these two topics are close to each other, because the songs I love the most of TeniMyu are Kejime (especially Dream Live 6th version, where Chitose is singing as well) and GO GO FUJI! GO SHIRAISHI! Both of them have such emotions and they transfer the feelings of the matches very well and I love to listen to them over and over again.

And I’m completely in love with the 2nd season Tachibana. Ah, his voice.

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Anonymous said: Could you possibly draw some kind of a ShiraishixFuji situation, perhaps them just casually hanging out in the gardens?


Shiraishi : That garden doesn’t have any poisonous flower, but I still find it very intersting.

Fuji : Maybe because today there’s another kind of poisonous flower with you.

I find Shiraishi/Fuji to be a very intersting couple.

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Mamoru Miyano as Joker in Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

Tom, he was a piper’s son
He learned to play when he was young
And all the tune that he could play
Was “Over the hills and far away”
Over the hills, and a great way off
The wind shall blow my top-knot off…

"Over the hills and far away"… uh?

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Chihayafuru TV Series
Character Song - Nando mo Umarete wa Kiete Iku Yuki no You na Mono
Miyano Mamoru

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Canon(カノン) - Mamoru Miyano

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(Ap = Apollon, Ha = Hades, Ba = Baldr,  

Lo = Loki, Ts = Tsukito, Ta = Takeru) 

(Ap) sono mune ni sakaseta nozomikiku yo kikasete 
(Ha) manten no hoshizora negai o takusou 
(Ts) arifureta kotoba ga kiramekidasu shunkan 
(Ta) kizuku darou motometeta mono tashika na shinjitsu ni 

(Ba) yawarakaku hikarisasu egao 
(Lo) taikutsusugiru mainichi sae 
(Ba&Lo) yukkuri tokashiteyuku kara 
(Ts&Ta) rikutsu ja hakarikirenai 
(Ap&Ha) omoi precious one 

(All) nakidashisou na hodo yasashii ai yo 
todoke tsubasa ni nosete 
tatoerarenai fuan subete kono ude tsutsumikonde 
koe ni suru koto mo kanawanu itami 
hajimete fureta my feeling 
takanaru kodou uketomete tsuyoku 
kagayakasetai for you 

(Ap) mabushisugiru kaze wa kinou to chigau sain 
(Ha) kowagaranakute ii hitomi sorasazu ni 
(Ts) tomadoi wa itsu demo ashi o sukumaseru kedo 
(Ta) shinjita nara tsukisusumeba ii kokoro no mama mae e 

(Ba) osaekirenai namida no wake 
(Lo) tama ni wa honki ni mo naru desho? 
(Ba&Lo) daremo tomerarenai nara 
(Ts&Ta) kanjou no mama ni misete 
(Ap&Ha) saa I’m not ashamed 

(All) kasaneau unmei no rasen kara 
tatta hitori o mitsukete 
sore o ai to yoberu naraba mou mayowanaide ii 
nan’okubun no ichi no kakuritsu de 
tsunagaru kiseki no cross road 
hito ga ikiru imi o tou no nara 
dakishimesasete for me 

(All) nakidashisou na hodo yasashii ai yo 
todoke tsubasa ni nosete 
tatoerarenai fuan subete kono ude tsutsumikonde 
koe ni suru koto mo kanawanu itami 
hajimete fureta my feeling 
takanaru kodou uketomete tsuyoku 
kagayakidasu ENDLESS LOVE 

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Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge - Day 08

Your least favorite pairing

I tend to multiship and like a lot of ships, but there are some that I somehow can’t warm up to. One of those is Sanada x Atobe, the Tango Pair. I’m not going to lie, I sometimes like pairings where the two don’t like each other and hate becomes something else, but with this I just can’t see them developing anything other than more dislike one another. Sure I can see them become frenemies, but more than that? Not so much.

I guess it’s a matter of pride against pride. They’re both too stubborn to make compromises with each other. Atobe’s ego and attitude annoy Sanada far too much and Sanada’s just too strict and held up in past traditions for Atobe to feel comfortable with, I think. At least that’s how I feel about them.

Of course, I have nothing against people shipping them or anything. It’s just not my cup of tea.

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Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge - Day 07

Your favorite pairing

It may not be too hard to guess my answer based on other answers I’ve given.

Chitose x Shiraishi. At first I was shipping Shiraishi with both Kenya and Chitose (hence my tumblr name) as well as Shiraishi with other Shitenhouji members as well (whoops). I still very much love ShiraKen for many reasons and think they make a nice couple, but ChitoKura has surpassed that pairing to become my main one.

What I like about them is the contrast that they create. Chitose is a very relaxed, free soul who goes wherever he wants and doesn’t really go all serious that often. Shiraishi is a serious young man who practices each day to reach his ideal tennis and stays where he’s “supposed to stay”. That being said, it’s not all that simple: Chitose does has his serious side and he’s there when you really need him - and Shiraishi can have fun, relax and laugh like anyone else. Still, most of the time they have a certain contrast, which makes them interesting to me.

What really made me a complete ChitoKura shipper was Ano Toki no Bokura OVA. I mean, what was that look Chitose? Why did you stop, turn around, smile and then continue walking? A special connection was made during that moment and I think they both could feel that this was the start of something. Perhaps Koharu wasn’t the only one swooned by him…

Though this wasn’t really the point which made me ship them. It was the moment when Shiraishi shamelessly taunted the wings and started talking to Chitose. He had noticed throughout the match that something had been wrong and was able to piece together what Chitose was going through without really knowing the situation.

He opened Chitose’s eyes. He told him that he wasn’t alone and that he could rely on Kippei; that relying on others is not a weakness. Chitose was so close to giving up and closing his heart completely, but Shiraishi’s words put a stop to that. If he hadn’t said anything, Chitose wouldn’t now be where he is.

This was the start that they had both sensed. The connection was confirmed. On top of that, Chitose came to Shitenhouji: the team where Shiraishi was. He wanted to continue tennis there, with them. With the captain who had brought new life into him.

A story like this gives me plenty of reasons to say that this is my favorite pairing. Shiraishi is surely an important person to Chitose and Chitose’s presence is also important to Shiraishi. Both of them have things to learn from each other and they can be grateful to have met each other when they did. At least, that’s how I feel.

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Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge - Day 06

Your favorite character that isn’t a middle school tennis player

Osamu Watabane. I think he’s the most interesting out of all the tennis coaches. He’s more relaxed and has a bit of a weird side… and he really does care for his team, even if he goes around goofing a lot.

It’s just refreshing to see an adult who isn’t all obsessed over making his team stronger and instead he leaves it his team to decide how to do it… and rewards them with kokeshi dolls. Then he does have moments when he takes control over a situation (like not letting Chitose quit the team, for example). So he has a lot of sides to him and I’d love to know more about him.

I just think he’s very cool and somehow very attractive.

Though I’d like to say that Miyuki Chitose was also a very good candidate for this post. She’s amazing in so many way and I just love her ♥

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Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge - Day 05

A character that you thought had an interesting 40.5 profile

I actually have two options for here, so I’ll ramble about both of them since I feel like talking.

The most interesting 40.5 profile for me was Shiraishi’s. Mostly because I play him and want to know more about him, but also because the profile brought light to so many new, interesting things. Like how he grew up visiting a lot of botanical gardens and knows so much about poisonous plants - and also a bit why he likes them in the first place. The “danger hiding behind beauty” thing especially is quite fascinating as a point of view which makes me want to know more on what goes in Shiraishi’s head.

His favorite music game as a surprise as well. Trance wasn’t the first image I had in mind. I was more in the mindset that he’d like relaxation music used with Yoga since that’s one of his hobbies. Though this is also an interesting new side and those are always fun to explore.

It was also kind of cute to find out that he doesn’t really like girls who hit on guys, or just isn’t very good with them as seen in that one pairpuri or in motto gakuensai. It’s hard to be popular, huh?

The other interesting 40.5 profile was Chitose. Reading he likes Ghibli movies is just… cute. I can really imagine him watching Totoro and Spirited Away (wait isn’t that his signature move) for multiple times. His favorite music (rustling leaves) didn’t come as a surprise either, since he seems like a guy who likes silent and calm sounds. The profile pretty much confirmed he’s pretty much of a free spirit who goes where he wants to or where his feet lead him to.

Though I’m interested in why he doesn’t like spiders. It seems a bit weird and makes me wonder if he has a bad experience with them or is it just dislike and not really fear? Also his favorite type of girls (Those who have a secret side) can definitely be applicable to some guys I ship Chitose with, hehe~

Also I still enjoy the fact that Chitose’s classmates actually bet on the fact if he’s coming to school or not. I bet his teammates sometimes do that with tennis practice as well…

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Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge - Day 04

A team and/or character that deserved more screen time

I’m just going to say the entire team of St. Rudolph. I feel like these guys would have had a lot to give to us, if given a chance. Their different personalities and dynamics never got a chance to shine through with the little time they had. I wanted to know more about everyone on this team.

Akazawa is a bit grumpy and impolite, but he has his heart in the right place when it comes to caring about his teammates or encouraging them (well, after he was shouted at by Kaneda, haha). Kaneda is a sleeping doubles tensai, but this was never truly used even if we saw this in the one match he had. Atsushi had some interesting moves as well - Yanagisawa is a good comic relief (and interesting in his own way). Nomura has an interesting profile in 10.5, but we never had a chance to actually see anything from him during the series.

Then there’s Yuuta. I wanted to explore his character more. He’s not just the little brother everyone says he is. He’s a talented tennis player like many others with a nice personality. A bit grumpy, yes, but he does care about his friends and wants to have fun like anyone else.

Mizuki also had an interesting profile. Did you know that his hobby is singing Opera? That his dad is an enka singer? I really would have liked to see some kind of a silly filler episode with these kind of things. Or just St. Rudolph in general. Sure, they appeared here and there, but they should also get an extra episode of their own.

At least Mizuki and Yuuta continue on in New Prince of Tennis. Here’s to hoping that they’ll actually get some screen time later.

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Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge - Day 03

A team and/or character everyone else loves and you don’t understand why

Hiyoshi Wakashi. Don’t get me wrong, I like him a lot, but I’ve never really understood why he’s so popular. I think he’s an interesting kid, but really quite regular and normal in the long run? He, like many others, has sides that you wouldn’t really expect (like UFO’s), but even that doesn’t really stand as a reason on its own. I just don’t see him as that special.

Then again, I don’t see any character as special beyond everything. Not even my favorites. Really, I wouldn’t understand Shiraishi beyond limits or why he gets so many merchandise. I don’t complain, but I do wonder why.

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